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Mission to Stereosun

Stereosun started as a concept arround three years ago. After an initional prototype, things got a little quiet. In the end of 2014, we started developing the first beta, which was published on the App Store in July 2015.

Who we are

There are three of us currently working on Stereosun.

Matija Kocbek Download (300 dpi)
Matija Kocbek
Design & UX


All-arround graphic design ninja with punk band origins.

Andrija Šulić Download (300 dpi)
Andrija Šulić
Engineering & UX


An UX designer by day and a hiphop producer/DJ at night.

Gregor Kraševec

Loves to code, ex. techno DJ and soundman.



All doesn’t start with talent. It starts with egarness to change things. Like everyone else you have all the right to brake the rules. Whatever your style, we’ll stand by your side. And at the very end we’ll still be the loudest fan in the crowd yelling for an encore.

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